Flower Duet

Considering the Fermi-Paradox (the fact that although space is infinite, we have yet to encounter  – in all its wide reaches – alien lifeforms), it seems highly possible that mankind is the only sentient race in existence. The only one capable of making art. If this is true, then Flower Duet might be the most beautiful thing […]

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I’ve been making some podcasts with the epic Kishan Baijnath. We review movies. Sort of. Well, really we talk about whatever we find interesting, which is usually movies that everyone hates but we think are awesome. And about our gratitude for our most devoted listener: my dog, Domino. Give it a listen. Because you’re awesome. […]

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Kanye West Review: Yeezus

  Which Kanye West album is the best? Critics and fans are pretty much in agreement: Kanye’s fifth, record, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It’s an opulent take on boom bap rap, featuring classical music, prog rock and dichotomous lyrics. In many ways, it’s the combination and culmination of the four albums that preceded it. It’s a sprawling […]

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Kanye West Review: Graduation

  Ah, Graduation. Like a lot of Kanye West records, I have a strange relationship with this album. When it first came out, I was intrigued by some of the stand-out tracks: the Daft Punk-sampling Stronger and the relatively tame radio hit, Good Life.  I found the rest of the album reasonably enjoyable, but puzzling and often […]

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Kanye West

  Kanye West: occasionally great, often idiotic. Always compelling. But is he a genius? Over the next few weeks I’ll be taking a look at some of Kanye West’s albums, and trying to find an answer.   Hurry up with my damn croissants.    

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