ODESZA— A Moment Apart

The Seattle electronic duo’s newest album is their best — and might be the year’s defining EDM statement. ODESZA have been around for 5 years now; a long time in the EDM sphere, where trends come and go and artists’ careers can begin and end in the span of a few months. In that time, they’ve somehow […]

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Review: Forest Swords – Compassion

Last year’s glitchy political statements like Bon Iver’s 22, a million and Kendrick’s untitled unmastered were albums of the moment. They were representations of the societal earthquakes (Trump, Brexit, Aleppo) that marked 2016. Compassion might have elements of those artists’ noise-as-social-commentary, but the music doesn’t feel like it’s commenting on the here and now. As always, Forest Swords mashes together sounds […]

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