Stephen King – ‘Joyland’

I have a weird relationship with Stephen King books. They’re kind of more than books to me these days, since I’ve read so many of them. When I was 15, his memoir On Writing blew me away. At 16, Carrie destroyed and rebuilt my ideas about genre fiction. At 20, Bag of Bones made me sleep with the bathroom light on. There’s […]

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New Music: Drake – ‘One Dance’ and ‘Pop Style’

Brace yourselves for the 6. Ahead of the alleged release of Drake’s long-awaited ‘Views from the 6’ this Friday, two new tracks have dropped. Pop Style features a guest verse from Kanye West and (bizarrely) two lines from Jay Z. The ghostly beat is the earwormiest of Drake’s since Know Yourself. Likewise, One Dance is also more nocturnal and experimental […]

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