Track Review: Oh Be Clever – ‘River’

by luchaasbroek



Indie-electronic duo Oh Be Clever have been making eclectic avant-pop for a while now, but ‘River’ might be their most gripping track yet.

The Utah natives have had a busy few years. They’ve gone from playing bars to tours of Arizona, California and Texas; even performing at SXSW. ‘River’ reflects this growth, and the influence of new acts they’ve come into contact with.

It’s a sombre song – singer Brittney Shields sounds like she’s evoking spells over an instrumental that is at once booming and nocturnal.

It shows the range of their abilities without feeling forced – calling back to their high school band days, while at the same time being committed to their most recent electronic work. It’s yet another reminder that they’re a duo to watch.

And what they got have planned for the coming year? In Shields’ own words: “Oh Be Clever’s goal has always been to be GLOBAL.”