PD and CMS – Part Three

The film I’ll be doing PD and CMS for this term is called ‘Bump in the Night’.

It’s a comedy about a bunch of students in a flat, when load shedding strikes. One student begins pranking the others in the darkness, with disastrous consequences.

The tagline: ‘Dark Comedy’.

There are three characters, and they’re all very different. I wanted to show their differences in their looks. Ben (the protagonist) will be dressed in neat, nerdy work clothes; Harriett in floral summer dresses with stylish accessories, and Richard (the antagonist) in black skinny jeans, a reptilian green shirt and snake skin boots.

Because there’s nothing as villainous as snake skin boots.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished film.

Things I Learned in PD and CMS

  • The meaning of constructive organic history
  • How to make blood
  • How to look beaten up
  • How to look dead
  • How much I like the phrase “spiritual armour”
  • Valuable skills for imagining characters and settings
  • Colour Psychology and Colour Qualities
  • The importance of production design
  • CMS’s great ability to communicate meaning to an audience

Here are some images I took for another assignment, making use of colour psychology:




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