PD/CMS Post – Part One

This is the first in a series of posts about my classes in Production Design and Costume, Make-up and Styling at film school.

Our first assignment for CMS was to stage three murder scenes. We had to create all effects like blood and gore ourselves.


Above is one of my victims. Each of my victims was murdered by a teenage serial killer. The killer was a teenager who was bullied, and set out to murder each of these bullies in the same way that they tormented him.

Victim #2


Here’s my third and final victim:


And, naturally blood messages on the walls.


With my classmates, Blane and Matt, I splattered the bathroom walls and ceiling and floor with huge amounts of blood. When I opened the tap to get water to clean it – they were bone dry. The campus’s water was off.

After scrubbing with roughly 20 000 baby wipes, the bathroom was clean. Kind of.

I made the blood myself.

My Blood Recipe

1) A cap full of yellow food colouring

2) A cap full of blue food colouring

3) Two caps of red food colouring

4) As much honey as is needed

5) Zombify people


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