Rap Written for Slam Poetry Evening

Police batons flatten

The heartbeat of the truth

Journalists are silenced because they’re armed with the proof

Politicians drink from the people’s fountain of youth

While the coliseum sleeps, the mausoleum weeps

And the dictator drinks a bottle of vermouth


You’re my fire, you’re my ice

You’re my damnation, you’re my salvation

You’re my virtue, you’re my vice

You’re my hellfire, you’re my starlight

You’re my joy, you’re my blues

You’re the reason that I fight, you’re the reason that I lose


Broken hearts, broken homes

Broken dreams, broken thrones

Broken promises, broken bones


Speak out against the power

And they’ll crush your esophagus

Democracy used to be a pharaoh

Let’s mourn over its sarcophagus


But kneel in the presence of greatness

Because hope has not forsaken us

Let it ignite and awaken us

And stand strong because the devil has shaken us


Be careful, friend, the devil wears a halo

He treats the people like we’re dumb

And our minds are made of play dough

Did you hear about our teachers, man?  Socrates and Plato

They were killed – by a bomb dropped by Nato


Fear makes your knees shake

Makes the weak faint

Makes the demons revel

Makes the minister embezzle

So make a deal with the devil

Sacrifice your friends if you want it

Sell your heart while you got it

My advice is roll the dice

You won’t have to ask the devil twice

Because your soul’s a hefty price

And will suffice


Talk about corruption and they’ll start calling you a beast

A nocturnal rabid cave-dweller having a cannibalistic feast

But, man, I’d rather be a monster than a sheep

Silence may be golden but not speaking out is cheap


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