Hope Reignited – A Tribute

This a short story I wrote a few years ago. It’s a tribute to a hero of mine. Hope Reignited By Luc Haasbroek Heaven was silent. No trumpets chanted. No cherubs sang. They were bringing in the prisoner. Inaritu was forced into the Clouded Hall by two hulking seraphim. He was shackled and when they […]

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The Big Secret

Recently, I was asked to teach a few Grade Eights the secrets of How To Write. I didn’t think I was really someone to ask, but because I love the sound of my own voice and I thought at the very least I could throw a chalkboard duster at someone who fell asleep, I agreed. […]

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Interview with the Tonight I did a few years back and other found things

Just found an old interview I did. Interesting to look back. Fourteen year old me thought the performances in the Harry Potter movies were good *shivers*. But, damn, do I still love acting. http://www.iol.co.za/tonight/books/a-true-dreamer-takes-the-lead-1.983550#.Uptv_cQW1p8 Also, I stumbled across the site for the play I’m talking about in said interview. The play’s called Tree Boy. Acting […]

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Psi and things changing

I first had the idea for my novel Psi in early 2011. Back then, the story was called Viet Psi and was about five psychic soldiers in Vietnam. I began writing it and quickly ran into a slight snag: I knew nothing about Vietnam. I relocated the characters to a place I did know about, […]

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