ODESZA— A Moment Apart

The Seattle electronic duo’s newest album is their best — and might be the year’s defining EDM statement. ODESZA have been around for 5 years now; a long time in the EDM sphere, where trends come and go and artists’ careers can begin and end in the span of a few months. In that time, they’ve somehow […]

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Review: Forest Swords – Compassion

Last year’s glitchy political statements like Bon Iver’s 22, a million and Kendrick’s untitled unmastered were albums of the moment. They were representations of the societal earthquakes (Trump, Brexit, Aleppo) that marked 2016. Compassion might have elements of those artists’ noise-as-social-commentary, but the music doesn’t feel like it’s commenting on the here and now. As always, Forest Swords mashes together sounds […]

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Grahamstown Water Crisis Worsens

Grahamstown is in the middle of a serious water crisis. Due to lower than average rainfall Makana municipality’s main water source, Settler’s Dam, is down to 22%. Howieson’s Poort Dam, a backup water source, plummeted from 90% in April to 56% as of mid-July. A report in April concluded that, at current water usage rates, […]

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Tracks You Should Be Listening To

Travis Scott – Green & Purple ft. Playvoi Carti Travis Scott’s had a hectic few months. He performed in Arkansas, allegedly incited a riot, and got arrested. (#freeTravisScott is trending on Twitter, no joke.) Somehow he found the time in the middle of all that to release three new tracks, in what has been the […]

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Grahamstown’s Water Crisis

One issue that I have been engaged with in the last few weeks is the current water shortage in Grahamstown. This a serious issue, but many people don’t know the full extent of it. I put together an article on this earlier in the term, and in doing so came across some really good resources […]

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Movie Review: Gifted

Gifted is one of two films director Marc Webb has out this year. After his work on Amazing Spider-man and Amazing Spider-man 2, it seems Webb is returning to the subject matter that brought him stardom back in 2009 with (500) Days of Summer: quirky human-focused dramas, with liberal doses of humour. True to that formula, Gifted tells the story of boat mechanic […]

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Review: 21 Savage – Issa Album

Success threatens to rob the Atlanta rapper of what made him stand out to begin with. “The problems of failure are hard,” the writer Neil Gaiman once said. “The problems of success can be harder, because nobody warns you about them.” He’s not wrong. Success can break artists, or rob them of what made them […]

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